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The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) with a major in music is designed for undergraduate students who desire advanced training in musical performance alongside a broad, liberal arts experience.

Available with an emphasis in either jazz, piano, strings, voice or winds and percussion, the B.A. allows students to study with our renowned performance faculty, play in many of our top ensembles and take part in our innovative music history and theory curriculum. With approximately 40 percent of the curriculum devoted to music and 60 percent to general education and electives, the B.A. provides students with the flexibility needed to explore other interests, pursue a minor or even earn a second major. Whatever your passions, the B.A. allows for deep engagement with the craft of musical performance.


Requirements for the B.A. in music performance vary by emphasis, but B.A. students generally complete the following:

  • 51 credits in music, including:
    • Five semesters of private instruction
    • Five semesters of large ensemble participation
    • Five semesters of music theory
    • Three semesters of music history
  • 69 credits in general education, languages and electives

The College of Arts and Humanities’ requirements to take a foreign language to the intermediate level and 45 upper level credits apply to all B.A. students.