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The music and culture minor offers students from any discipline or major the opportunity to study the ways in which human cultural diversity is represented through music.

Broaden your horizons and learn how musical practices relate to core values in a particular culture or subculture. Develop skills in hearing, thinking, analyzing, discussing and writing about music while relating it to other aspects of human life. Take courses on the concepts and methods of ethnomusicology — an interdisciplinary area of study that focuses on music in culture and in global contexts — to explore diverse musical cultures and genres. While you study music from particular cultures or regions around the world, further embody this knowledge by playing in our world music ensembles: UMD Gamelan Saraswati, UMD Japanese Koto Ensemble and UMD Korean Percussion Ensemble.


The music and culture minor requires:

  • five academic music courses
  • four semesters of world music ensemble participation