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Need to hire a musician or ensemble to perform at an event? Interested in learning to play an instrument? The University of Maryland School of Music makes it simple to hire student performers and instructors through the Hire Notes booking platform.

Getting Started

To get started, submit a booking request on Hire Notes by clicking the button below. Once you submit your request, available students will have the opportunity to express interest through the platform. You can also get in touch and manage your booking through Hire Notes or at

All arrangements and payments are to be made directly between the client and the musician(s). Rates and availability will vary. The School of Music does not guarantee musicians for any booking requests.

Students wishing to qualify for inclusion should speak with their instructors. Students are approved by faculty before they may use the Hire Notes platform through the School of Music.

Hire Notes FAQs


Prices for performance events vary widely and depend on the specific details of your event, the distance to be traveled and the individual musician or ensemble's pricing. A good starting point is at least $150 per musician per hour.

Prices for lessons vary and generally follow the same criteria. A good starting point is between $50-80 per hour.


It is best to submit your request for an event booking at least one month in advance, but last minute requests are still worth a try!


Your listing will be published directly to students, who will then get in touch with you through the platform. If you have questions about the process you can contact Hire Notes support through the platform or email

School of Music Facilities

In accordance with university and state policy, facilities of the University of Maryland School of Music and The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center may not be used for personal gain. Private lessons must be held off-premises.