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Terrapin Music Camp faculty are experienced music educators who come from the University of Maryland School of Music, other universities and K-12 schools throughout the state of Maryland.

2021 camp faculty are not yet announced. Here is a snapshot of past faculty:

Amber Abbott Prince George's County 7/8 Band Conductor
Andrea E. Brown Catholic University 9/10 Band Conductor
Ray Chaney Montgomery County 9/10 Band Conductor
Paul Hatton Prince George's County 7/8 Band Conductor
Kristi Licare Montgomery County 5/6 Band Conductor
Gretta Williams Prince George's County 5/6 Band Conductor
Holly Pasquale Montgomery County Flute
Michael Helgerman University of Illinois Oboe
Stephanie Branch Montgomery County Clarinet
Dan Puckett Montgomery County  Saxophone
Darelynn Fung Prince George's County Bassoon
Cullen Waller Prince George's County Trumpet
Dana Varona Loudon County Horn
Sam Ambrose Montgomery County Low Brass
Robby Burns Howard County Percussion
Donnie Johns Independent Musician/Teacher Percussion
Maurice Watkins Prince George's County Percussion
Kenneth Elpus University of Maryland Conductor
Yo-Jung Han University of Maryland Accompanist
Sarah Lanzo Montgomery County Accompanist/Assistant
Sarah Castrillon Howard Count 8-10 Orchestra Conductor
Allison Durbin University of Maryland 8-10 Orchestra Assistant
Ashland Murphy University of Maryland 5-7 Orchestra Assistant
Bill Rose  Howard County 5-7 Orchestra Conductor
Elective Classes
Robby Burns Howard County Technology
Alexis Felix Montgomery County Games
Adam Grisé University of Maryland Steel Pan
Michael Helgermen University of Illinois Marching Arts
Zack Henderson Montgomery County Movies
Ben Kelper Montgomery County Play by Ear/More
Amy Kurtz Montgomery County a cappella/Camp Chorus
Peter Perry Montgomery Count Technology
Erin Shupe Montgomery County Bucket Band/Ukulele
Alex Silverbook Montgomery County Jazz Improvisation
Rebecca Vanover Howard County Ukulele/Theatre
Vanessa Varela Montgomery County Beginning Instrument Lab
Junior Faculty
Eric Aaron
Jack Burke-McGoldrick
Maria Chu
Emily Chu
Margot Cohen
Madison Fitzpatrick
Madison Flynn
Alex Gehring
Sara Glasser
Amy Hao
Joe Koenig
Mary Shea Kustas
Mark Liffiton
Helen Mann
Blossom Ojukwu
Ellie Pline
David Rea
Madeline Swartz
Han Wagner
Kenny Wang
Michael Hewitt University of Maryland Director
Stephanie Prichard University of Maryland Co-Director
Adam Grisé University of Maryland Administrator
Allison Durbin University of Maryland Admin Assistant
Ashland Murphy University of Maryland Admin Assistant