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Congratulations to our Spring 2020 Bachelor of Music Education Graduates:

Rose Alon
B.M.E. in Viola

Written by Stephanie Prichard:

Strength, wit, a heart for justice, and a desire to question the status quo. Rose, I am so proud of your fiercely feminist music teacher-self. You have grown into a teacher who balances rigor and relationships, humor and discipline, music and life lessons. I have no doubt that you will start your career with a bang, and I can’t wait to hear about it.

John Francis Burke-Mcgoldrick
B.M.E. in Trombone

Written by Stephanie Prichard:

Jack, Jack, Jack. You are a strong musician, a caring teacher, a dedicated friend, and at times, our comic relief. You have grown so much over the last 4 years, and it has been a pleasure to watch you interact with students who appreciate your kindness and humor just as much as your friends do. I believe in you and know you’ll do great things.

Benjamin Gabriel Busch
B.M.E. in Horn

Written by Stephanie Prichard:

Bucket hat and orange crocs. Resident practicum chauffer. Closet crocodile-hunter. Ben, you have your own style, both in and out of the classroom. Above all, you are a teacher who simply “gets” kids. I will miss seeing your smile in the halls, but I am so glad to welcome you to the profession. May the force be with you.

Margot Abigail Cohen
B.M.E. in Voice

Written by Kenneth Elpus:

Margot joined us at the University of Maryland as an accomplished musician from Pitt seeking to become a music educator. Through her time with us, she has shown tremendous growth and dedication to the art of music and the art of teaching. We look forward to her teaching in the public schools of Maryland!

Keegan Robert Emery Couse
B.M.E. in Jazz Saxophone

Written by Stephanie Prichard:

Oh Tobert, I will miss you stopping by my office to pose a challenging question about the future of our profession. Musicianship, perception, and wisdom beyond your years—a true leader through and through. I hope you have learned as much from me as I know I have from you. You’re going to do amazing things and I am so proud to have you as a colleague.

Nathan Lee Dorsey
B.M.E. in Clarinet

Written by Stephanie Prichard:

A quiet clarinetist in a rainbow-hologram hat. A confident teacher—still snappily-dressed—who understands how to guide students toward success. Nathan, you have overcome challenges and emerged as a committed teacher with a truly professional demeanor. Don’t forget to speak up! You have so much to share and your future students will love you.

Madison Adele Flynn
B.M.E. in Violin

Written by Stephanie Prichard:

Madison, you came the University of Maryland as a shy violinist and are leaving as a rock star bass player who can whip a classroom of middle schoolers into shape. You have a balance of creativity and practicality that will serve you well in your career. I am so proud of the strong and dedicated teacher you are and I can’t wait to hear about your future successes!

Sara Elise Glasser
B.M.E. in Oboe

Written by Stephanie Prichard:

Has anyone told you that life is like a jar of peanut butter? A little sticky, a little sweet, and always better when you can procrasti-bake it into cookies. In the last 4 years, you have succeeded in music, academics, friendship, teaching, and more campus activities than I can list. I have enjoyed our talks and am so proud to see your growth. Your future students can’t possibly know how lucky they are to have you, Ms. Glasser.

Amy Jing Hao
B.M.E. in Cello

Written by Stephanie Prichard:

Amy, you bring patience, introspection, and charming quirk to your teaching. You are equipped with musicianship, empathy, and perhaps most importantly, stickers. I have been so impressed with your growth as a teacher and your ability to meet students’ needs. You and Seamus will make a dynamic duo as you tackle your career as a music teacher!

Nikko Christian Lopes
B.M.E. in Saxophone

Written by Stephanie Prichard:

Nikko, you have juggled a lot these last few years. Making music with that beautiful soul-resonator, approaching your teaching with enthusiasm and love for kids—you’ve done it all while keeping up with real life. You are a kind, thoughtful, and genuine person, a great dad, and a dedicated partner. You will be a wonderful teacher and I’m so glad to know you.