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School of Music advisors will help you navigate your college journey so you can pursue your passion, develop your academic plan and infuse your UMD experience with internships and other career readiness opportunities.

General Advising/Registration Policies & Procedures

All students accepted into a degree program in the School of Music are assigned an advisor based on their major degree program. School of Music policy requires an advising session prior to each semester’s registration.

Music students can expect a School of Music advisor to:

  • Have accurate, updated information on curriculum and programs
  • Be knowledgeable of career opportunities
  • Be reasonably available
  • Give appropriate advice with both the student's goals and abilities in mind

The School of Music advisor can expect a music student to:

  • Assume ultimate responsibility for decisions regarding their education and responsibility for follow-through after an advising session
  • Schedule advising appointments in advance of deadlines
  • Be prepared prior to an advising session with goals and questions in mind
  • Bring appropriate materials to the advising session

Once all registration blocks are satisfied, the student may register online via TESTUDO or in-person at the Mitchell Building.


Advising for Undergraduate Music Students

Undergraduate music students have "dyad" track advising: a) a music advisor assists with School of Music requirements and b) a College of Arts and Humanities advisor assists with general education requirements. To consult with a College of Arts and Humanities advisor, call 301-405-2108 or visit the ARHU website.

Undergraduate music majors have mandatory School of Music advising every semester.

Bachelor of Music (B.M.) and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) students (as well as music minors) are advised by Heather Mundwiler. You may schedule an advising appointment at any time by clicking here. She can also be reached at or at 301-405-5563.

Advising for undergraduate students minoring in music performance is not mandatory every semester, but students are welcome to schedule an appointment at any time. 

Bachelor of Music Education (B.M.E.) students are advised by:
Instrumental Track: Stephanie Prichard
Choral/General Track: Ken Elpus


Advising for Graduate Music Students

New Graduate Students are advised by their division coordinator or a faculty member designated by the division coordinator. Prior to the end of their first year, graduate students must select an advisor who is a member of their division and is a tenured or tenure-track member of the faculty. After securing the consent of the selected faculty member, the selection has to be signed by the division coordinator and the student must submit in writing the advisor's name to Josh Thompson in the Student Services Office. A student who wishes to change advisors must request the change in writing. The request must then be co-signed by the division coordinator and submitted to the graduate director.
The advisor's signature is necessary on all student communication with the School of Music as well as with the Graduate School.
Each semester, during the pre-registration period, students must obtain a Schedule Request Form and a Schedule of Classes and bring these materials to the advising appointment with the assigned faculty advisor. Once the student and advisor have determined the proper courses for the semester, the faculty advisor must sign the completed Schedule Request Form. The completed and signed form should then be taken to the School of Music Student Services Office for the necessary approvals. At that time, the student has satisfied all the necessary registration blocks of the School of Music.
For the Graduate School’s policies regarding doctoral dissertation process, please visit their website.